7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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38. The Speech Therapy Private Practice Mindset

In this episode, I discuss the speech therapy private practice mindset and how it’s important for private practice success. I also list strategies that help you acquire and maintain this mindset so that you can start, grow or scale your business. In this episode: 01:59 – One space available for the Perfect Student 02:51 – […]

37. Fear of Success

It may seem counter intuitive, but I believe that some people may be more afraid of being successful than failing. When you look the flow charts of failure and success, failure is easy. A successful flow chart is more complex, however. In this episode, I address common fears of success and provide some action steps […]

36. Do This FIRST Before Making a Big Move

Big moves in your therapy practice come in many shapes and sizes: New hires, a new lease, expanding additional clinics, paying taxes, the list goes on and on. In this episode, I discuss some things to consider before making these big moves.     In this episode: 00:38 – Cash Flow – The Heartbeat of […]

33: Responsibility in Speech Therapy Private Practice

Responsibility in your speech therapy private practice  can come in many forms.  The most obvious is being responsible to your patients, showing up and delivering good quality treatments and working on your offer that converts.  There is also financial responsibility, social responsibility, responsibility to your team and most importantly being responsible and honest with yourself.  […]

32: Payment Audits in Speech Therapy Private Practice

Going through an audit in speech therapy private practice can be frustrating, time consuming and scary (but it doesn’t have to be).  In this episode, I reveal a few items that a financial auditor will require from you as a provider plus give you important insight to required documentation that will prove the speech therapy […]