7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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Income & Affiliate Disclosure

Hello, this is Kyle Meades, Speech & Language Pathologist, owner and creator of PrivateSLP, PLLC and the Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast.  The goal of my podcast and websites are to always help you become more successful in starting, growing and scaling your own speech therapy private practice.

In order for me to achieve this goal, please do understand that I am registered as a for-profit corporation.  Making a profit allows me to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the website, the hosting of podcast content as well as compensate my team who efficiently work to edit, transcribe and make all of my content available to you as I continue to provide the highest level of training and education available on the subject of speech therapy private practice startup.

I have always been very upfront and honest in all of my business endeavors, so I want to continue that honesty online.  Please know that no company has paid me to advertise on this site; However, I will earn a affiliate commission on some of the products and services that are recommend on the website.  These products and services are ones that I use regularly and know and trust.

Additionally, PrivateSLP, PLLC does not guarantee that subscribers or viewers participating in the content described on the website will generate income. As with any business, each individual’s business results may vary, and will be based on, among other factors,  that individual’s capacity, business experience, expertise and motivation. Do not place undue reliance on the information on this website.  You are urged to perform your own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate in any of the website’s content.

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To your success,

J. Kyle Meades, CCC-SLP