7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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When most people hear private practice audit,  they immediately think about the IRS, and this private practice audit is far from that ( and yes, I have been audited before 🙂

Is your speech therapy private practice in trouble?

Have you been looking for help and not sure who to ask?

Is your practice losing money?

Do you need more hours in a day to get things done?

The truth is, most people in this space don’t even own their own private practice, yet alone manage employees, benefits, multiple locations and have a good, solid business that treats real patients and pays quarterly taxes.  Most people in this space treat a few patients “on the side” and have a nine to five job to make ends meet.

Because I am a active clinic owner, I know exactly what you’re experiencing right now and I have probably already been there and done that.

Recently, I heard from a clinic owner who losing money each month, only to find out she had know idea how to bill and collect from insurance companies.

If you ever wanted good, solid confidential advice and guidance, then you’re are in the right place!

Now is your chance for me to audit your private practice, address your biggest problems and get you into solution.

Some of the most common difficulties that I see and hear are:

  • Loss of revenue,
  • Difficulty getting paid by insurance companies,
  • Receiving copayments and deductibles from patients and families,
  • Denied claims,
  • Accounts receivables,
  • Employee issues,
  • Fraud, waste and abuse
  • Theft


Once you complete the process, answer some very simple and quick questions,  and you’ll be directed to my personal calendar where we can have a private call by telephone phone.

Looking for more help?

Those who complete my Private Practice Audit will also receive a credit towards my PrivateSLP All Access Community.

Schedule a Private Practice Audit with me and we will figure it out!