7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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27: Bright, Shiny Objects (BSOs)

Bright shiny objects (BSOs) are what destroy our motivation, desire and drive to start our speech therapy private practice.  It’s seems like wherever we turn, BSOs are distracting us from our ultimate goal:  Start, grow and scale our very own speech therapy private practice.  Some of the more common BSOs are Facebook, email, Twitter and surfing the web.  In this episode, I talk about BSOs and ways to keep it simple so that we can create an offer that converts.  Without an offer that converts, you’re not in business.

In this episode:
01:38 – Thank you for the feedback
01:58 – Recording this episode in Hawaii (from the front porch)
04:36 – SOPs
05:48 – BSO – Be Careful
08:01 – The Basics: We need an offer that converts
08:48 – Accept Insurance
09:50 – Be Available
10:22 – Be Affordable
11:07 – Be Consistent
11:35 – The only solution to real growth is a team


We’ve got to keep it very simple, I’ve got to keep it simple and at its simplest form we need an offer that converts never forget that. An offer that converts, once you have an offer that converts that means you’ve got a customer and when you’ve got a customer you rants and repeat, you keep doing that over and over and over and at its simplest form we need an offer that converts.


Well, Hello everyone! You’re listening to the Speech therapy Private practice Startup Podcast; this is episode number 27. My name is Kyle Meades and I’m a speech pathologist since 1993 and these podcasts are designed to help you improve your business and your life one podcast at a time.

Welcome back to the show everyone. Thanks again for reaching out to me via email and sending me all those questions. I hope you guys are getting valuable information. I say it at every single episode “Value is what you get in the absence of money”. And these podcasts are absolutely free for you and I hope that you guys are enjoying them. And if you’re getting that value please go to iTunes store and give me some feedback. I really appreciate all those five star feedbacks that are coming in. I know we have as of this episode we have 11 five star feedbacks and I really appreciate it. Skater check left one recently now. It was really nice. I appreciate that, and yeah it’s nice to have you guys out there and listening, and for those of you who are regular listeners, you’ll know that the audio quality is just a little bit different on this recording vs. the other recordings because all of the other recordings I think with the exception of one last year when I was in Australia, that quality was awful a little bit because I recorded that one in my hotel room there in Manly Beach Australia just right there north of Sydney.

This Podcast is being recorded in beautiful Oahu North Shore Hawaii and we come here every single year to the same exact place at the same exact time and we stay at this beautiful home that we rent in the same location every single year. It’s just a beautiful place here in Sunset Beach and it’s right there on the point and it’s just a wonderful family that we rent this house from. We started out renting this little batch on the back and it was about a six hundred square foot little batch, it used to be a tools shed and it was converted into a small apartment and they have this beautiful antique, stoves, appliances and like an old A.M radio. I don’t know if any of you out there kind of audio junkies like I’m, but I love tuning in to A.M 940 listening to that Hawaii local radio station while I’m here on the islands and just eating fruits and pineapple and making smoothies. I love it I just get a kick out of it. My son he kind of makes fun of me now because he’s eleven, he thinks I’m just old you know I’m going to be forty eight this year but he just thinks I’m old as dirt. Anyway he is always laughing at this A.M radio thing and I don’t know but he’s here with his buddy they’re eleven, they’re off doing what they do now so tweeting, texting, Internet, phone, YouTube that’s it YouTube-YouTube-YouTube. But anyway, now that my son’s a little older he brings a friend with him and Stephanie and I we now rent this little larger house from the same family, it’s a house adjacent to the small little batch and so it’s quaint, it’s nice, it’s a loft where the kids can sleep and it’s just a great time.

This past week we’ve gone on helicopter ride, we went and saw some beautiful waterfalls via helicopter and did a bunch of swimming and doing some wave surfing and it’s just been great riding bikes and playing hide and go seek. Its good to reset and spend time with family, friends and it’s nice to get away from the business and that’s why I take these trips. Its nice to have systems in place for those of you who listen regularly, a few episodes ago I spoke about Standard Operating Procedures S.O.P.’s and the need to write everything down and document what you do so other people can do those task for you so you can sneak away and have a vacation and still have income and still have a functioning thriving clinic. So there are systems and people in place to help do that and everybody knows their part and we practice the NOAH principle where two people are trained. I spoke about the NOAH principle on the last episode so if you want to listen to episode number 26 and learn about the NOAH principle, its simply where two people are trained on the same task. So everyone knows their part, if someone is sick or unfortunately can’t be there, another person can take over that task.

Those are some things that we do in our business and that allow everybody to take time off and even the owner like me, I need to a take time off too and reset and recuperate and this is a great chance for me to make content for you via Podcast. And also I’ve been making some more content for the people in the private form so they’re getting value out of that private form as well.

But today I want to talk about B S O, What’s B.S.O; that’s stands for Bright Shiny Objects and you know what I’m talking about. Those of you out there who are always getting distracted and stopping you from completing your goal and what is your goal? Its to start or grow or scale your own Speech Therapy Private Practice, and what are those Bright shiny objects? Well, its Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, it’s that Internet, it’s when you know that you’ve got to be doing something and you’re just putting it off or checking your email. I’ve spoken about that before too where you know you’ve got to guard your inbox and you know just jumping at every single thing that comes your way.

I was watching my son and his buddy who are here in Hawaii and they just loving these huge waves that they have here on the North shore. We’re one beach up from Pipeline and pipeline during the wintertime around November and December for you surfers out there you know what I’m talking about. These waves are some of the largest in the world. Right now they’re not that big but they’re big enough for an eleven year old so these kids it’s just funny to watch them chase every single wave, you watch him and for two hours they’ll sit there and jump and grab these waves and throw rocks at them and try to go under ‘em and go over ‘em, they get slammed and they just get back and come up for more, they’ve got bruises, they’ve got scars and scabs and cuts but they keep coming back for more chasing every single wave. That’s why I thought about this Podcast because its true. We’re the same way as adults too, we’re trying to answer this Facebook post and Oh! Someone reacted to my post and somebody gave me a thumbs up and like this and like that we know we’re just off and running on the next new thing, that next bright and shiny objects. So keep that in mind, because your goal is to start your own Speech therapy private practice and get it up and running if you haven’t done that yet.

We’ve got to keep it very simple, I’ve got to keep it simple and at its simplest form we need an offer that converts never forget that. An offer that converts, once you have an offer that converts that means you’ve got a customer and when you’ve got a customer you rants and repeat, you keep doing that over and over and over and at its simplest form we need an offer that converts. We offer the service, we service that patient, we do the best we can and we rants and repeat. Now that offer that converts is very important, we have to meet that customer at the clinic or in the home and we need to offer the best speech therapy services that we can offer but we need to keep it simple for the consumer. Now how do we keep it simple for the consumer? Now I made a list of those things.

1. We can accept insurance; now don’t forget a lot of people bark at insurances, they say it’s a waste of time and I’ve got to either pay somebody or I’ve got to do it myself. I’ve got to smell out these claims and I get behind, it’s a waste of time and the claims get rejected and insurances aren’t going to pay so why do I need to do this anyway. Well that’s not true. Even though the insurances let’s say they have exclusions and limitation on the plan, where patient can’t get reimbursed for Speech Therapy, you can still turn that insurance patient into a cash patient too. I speak more about this exact same thing in the Closed membership forum, it’s a training that I recently completed called the PrivateSLP Blueprint and that training is in the Membership community. And I know that three other members have really enjoyed that training because I speak about how to take an insurance patient in turn that insurance patient into a cash patient.

2. Another thing that you want to do to keep it simple for the consumer is you want to be available. You want to have set office hours in your clinic and when you’re starting out you don’t want to chase every single wave, chase every single patient, you don’t want to sit around at one o’clock and see a patient at one to one thirty and then have this huge opening in your schedule and then start back at five o’clock. You want to make sure that your schedule is tight and that you see patients when you’re available so you want to set those boundaries early on yet be available.

3. You also want to be affordable. I know there are different markets especially on the West, I’ve spoken t o many Private Practice owners, some in California those prices are way different than what we might get reimbursement for maybe in Arizona but you know you want to keep it affordable in your market, you want to do good market research, see what other people are charging. When you bill out insurance companies you want to make sure that you’re billing out the appropriate amount and not billing less than what you are reimbursed for because I’ve seen other Practice owners do that and you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot and leaving money on the table when you do that. I also have training in the forum, the membership community there where I speak about that too.

4. You want to be consistent, you want to start your treatments on time, you want to end your treatments on time, you want to keep everything in order, you want to be where you need to be at the same time every week for your patients. So again you want to be Consistent.

5. You want to start thinking about when you get to a certain level where you just physically can’t do everything yourself, you want to start thinking about hiring a team because again I talk to many Private practice owners and a lot of those Private practice owners are sort of stuck in that sixty to seventy five thousand dollar range and that’s kind of where you’re when you‘re doing things by yourself. And if you want to get past that you need to start hiring a team, you want to start thinking about either having someone do your billing and if you’re interested in that you can always send me an e-mail kyle@privateslp.com, I can speak to you about credentialing and billing services or you can hire somebody to do your billing in-house and maybe even answer your phones and schedule your patients or even think about hiring your first employee like a Speech therapy assistant if your state recognizes Speech therapy assistance or even hiring those Speech therapy Pathologist to work with you in your clinic or in the community.

So those are some things you want to consider when you start getting that offer that converts and growing and scaling a Private practice. So keep those things in mind when you’re utilizing a less B.S.O Bright Shiny Objects because again its time to put down that cell phone or get off the computer and start working on yourself and planning for your future because no one’s going to do this, you want to stay green because when you’re green you grow and when you ripe you ripe, don’t forget that either.

I remember right after Hurricane Katrina and I was so ripe, I was rotting, I was so done, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so that’s when I just started my Speech Therapy Private Practice. I had to start over after Hurricane, Katrina, so hey what other time to do that than right now.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys and thanks again for putting up with this different audio quality than your custom tube but you want help with your Speech Therapy Private Practice, if you need some extra help than what you’re getting on the Podcast you can always go to kyle@privateslp.com and I can help you there. I’m in that forum every single day; I’m always making training so I try to make one a month or I do have either a webinar or make a new training every single month for those members in the community.

So if that something that interest you, you can check that out at www.privateslp.com/coaching, and as always please feel free to reach out to me at anytime and Thank you for listening.

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