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Why You Need To Start Your Own Practice Today

​If you ever wanted to start (or grow and scale) your own speech therapy private practice, now is the time to act, and luckily you're in the right place.  Wasting time through the process of trial and error is not good for you or the patients who need your help NOW.  ​Many people who want to start their own private practice suffer from "analyis paralysis" to the point that nothing ever gets accomplished.  Negative self talk like "tomorrow", or when I get "all of my ducks in a row", or when I have more "time" (or some sort of excuse to deal with the ultimate fear - the fear of rejection or failure) play over and over in our heads.  The real time to start is today.  


If you're tired of being "sick and tired"  of the rat race, let me help you change that

​The best way to learn is to ask for help and learn from someone who is actively running multiple clinics and business.  I want to help you succeed.

​All Access Community

​Direct Access to Me

​By becoming a member of the All Access Community, you will have direct access to me to answer all of your questions and guide you step by step.


​The online community is extremly convenient because everything is online and accessible.  Can't make one of the scheduled trainings?  No worries, because everything is recorded and transcribed for easy review.

​Direct Access to Other Community Members ​

​Asking for help is not easy, but being in a community of like minded professionals like you gives you the experience that makes all of the difference.


​Stay accountable with your goals while gaining valuable feedback from others.

Content, Growing & Growing ...

  • ​How to Purchase an Office Building for Your Speech Therapy Private Practice

  • ​Hiring Secrets
  • ​Paying Employees - What You Must Know
  • ​Things to Consider When Moving From Paper Charts to Electronic Documentation
  • ​How to Double Your Practice in Ten Months (Even if You're Not Ready)
  • ​Co Pays, Deductibles and Coinsurance
  • ​Making a Website with Thrive Themes
  • ​Own the Clinic (OTC)
  • ​Patient Satisfaction and Feedback
  • ​CAQH 2.0
  • ​Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Your Private Practice
  • ​Mindset and Goal Achievement
  • ​Speech Therapy Codes
  • ​Accounts Receivable (AR) - What You Must Know
  • ​The BTS Principal
  • ​Referrals: What You Need to Know
  • ​ST Billing Basics
  • ​CAQH and Contracting
  • ​New Patient Intake Course
  • ​NPI Training
  • ​Phone Systems
  • ​Website Walkthrough
  • ​Marketing
  • ​Billing
  • ​Obtaining Service Contracts
  • ​How to WIN with Audits
  • ​Professional and General Liability Insurance
  • ​Podcast Creation
  • ​PrivateSLP Blueprint
  • ​PrivateSLP Referral Road Map
  • ​Computers & Backups
  • ​Access to someone who has grown a massive, multiple location business
  • ​All of the forms that youwill ever need :)

My Story

​​​As a speech and language pathologist since 1993, I have worked in every setting possible:  Schools, Hospitals, Inpatient Rehab, Outpatient Rehab,  Private Practice and Home Health.  I even worked as a Director of Rehab and also worked overseas in New Zealand to keep the profession new and "fun".  My life was pretty stale until something happened.  That something was Hurricane Katrina.  That's when my life changed and I was forced to start over.  I started looking on the internet for ways to open up a speech therapy private practice.  I found a few PDF's but nothing really extensive.  I did find a few websites that spoke about seeing a few clients on the side, but I really didn't want to trade my time for money any longer.  If I was going to start this clinic, I wanted to pay taxes, have employees and run a large scale operation.  I wanted to be the owner and have a good place for others to work.  A place that I couldn't find in all my years of working as a speech and language pathologist.  That's when I cracked the code and figured how to manage referrals, bill insurance companies and finally get paid.  I was able to get reimbursed enough to hire employees and provide 100% healthcare, vision, dental and retirement benefits for all full-time employees.   We now see over 1800 patients monthly between two businesses and employ over 38 full and part time SLPs, SLPA, OTs and COTAs.  The best part of this is that patients get the best care possible, the employees have a great place to work, and I can work on a thriving speech therapy private practice.  And now, I want to show you how I did it!

​Gain immediate entry: ALL ACCES​S COMMUNITY 

​When you join, you will immediately have access to me, all of my recorded monthly training webinars, all of system based training videos, all the exact forms and systems that we use on a monthly basis to serve over 1800 + patients

​All Access ​Forum

Start, Grow & Scale your own Speech Therapy Private Private Today

​All Access Community Overview ​

​As a member of the All Access Community, you will gain immediate access to me, private practice startup topics plus additional information, training, forms and systems such as:


​RESULTS SECTION: ​ Here, you can introduce yourself and meet other members, list the current challenges you are facing, gain feedback on ​a variety of topics that you choose,  ​​or simply share and celebrate your success stories as you progress in your journey.


​DISCUSSION SECTION:  ​Review the first steps for all private practice owners, discuss marketing, referrals, billing, contracts, professional / general liability insurance.


​TRAINING:  ​Access previous trainings and live webinars.  Prior trainings are transcribed into PDF and MP3  formats by the team for access on the go!


​TOOLS:  ​Here you can check the live, monthly schedule for upcoming trainings, suggest a topic for live monthly training,  as well as view trainings on marketing, insurance,  PrivateSLP Blueprint training, the PrivateSLP Referral Roadmap, the PrivateSLP New Patient Intake course, NPI Training plus so much more!


​PRIVATE COACHING SECTION:   ​If at any time you need direct access to me, you have the option to post privately to me for direct, one on one coaching. This is a very high level value, included in the membership price.


​MEMBERS ONLY RESOURCES: ​ ​Immediate access to clinic forms,  Video eCource Libraries, Digital Resources, ​MP3 Recordings, Employee Resources, ​Example Contracts, ​New Hire Paperwork and so much more!  Members can share and view resources with each other in our easy to share community!

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​J. Kyle Meades, CCC-SLP //  Clinic Owner

​Starting my speech therapy private practice has been the best decision of my life.  Since 1993, I have helped thousands of children and adults with speech and language impairments.

Now with my own business I am able to help so many more people!

​I am eager to help you, too.

​John Kyle Meades

The Best Time to Start Your Speech Therapy Private Practice is Now!

​Get started TODAY.  ​Gain access to me  ​immediately and let me help you start your own speech therapy private practice. ​ Save time by avoiding the mistakes that I made.​

All Access ​Forum

Start, Grow & Scale your own Speech Therapy Private Private Today

 ​​Odelia Mirzadeh, CCC-SLP


​Being a member in the PrivateSLP All Access Forum has effected my private practice directly. Based on the information provided, I have made the following changes but not limited to: Phone systems, Fax systems, Insurance billing and questions, Outreach programs, How to get better involved with the community and Converting insurance clients to private pay. I've found PrivateSLP to be very beneficial and look forward to learning more.

 ​Kristen Bateman, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA


​​PrivateSLP has been an invaluable asset to running my business. Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and takes time out of his busy schedule to answer questions and give support. Running a business is difficult and having a support system that you can rely on critical to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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