7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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54. Online Speech Therapy Business: Meet expressable.io founder Leanne Sherred, CCC-SLP

Welcome PrivateSLP listeners to Episode 54! Today we are talking with Leanne Sherred, CCC SLP, founder and speech pathologist from expressable.io.   In today’s interview, We will find out exactly why Leanne Started her own business as we talk about the following: * Venturing out and starting expressable.io, * The rewards and challenges of starting […]

44. Onboarding New Patients in Your Speech Therapy Private Practice

Converting new referrals into weekly patients can be very exciting in your speech therapy private practice, but if done incorrectly, it can cost you big time in the form of lost revenue, unnecessary wasted time and most importantly poor patient satisfaction. In this episode, I answer some recent listener questions about non-therapist clinic ownership and […]

22: A Few Thoughts About Taxes and Speech Therapy Private Practice

Welcome to the first episode of 2017! When a new year starts, the subject of taxes usually comes up. When you own a speech therapy private practice, you are responsible for making timely income tax and employee withholding payments to Federal and State governments. In this episode, I discuss 1099s, employee withholding, quarterly filings, quarterly […]

21: Goals Are Good But Systems Are Better

As you start, grow or scale your speech therapy private practice, you must have systems in place. Systems are a set of rules or procedures that others can learn to accomplish a larger outcome. As an owner, these systems will allow others to help and assist so that the owner can accomplish tasks. In this […]

20: Avoiding Burnout in Speech Therapy Private Practice

When you are starting, growing and scaling a speech therapy private practice, you have to pace and take care of yourself. This can be difficult, especially in the early years of your private practice, because often you are taking care of all aspects of the business: Scheduling, referrals, accounting, cleaning, compliance, marketing, supplies, etc. In […]