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9: Managing Distractions In Speech Therapy Private Practice

Distractions are everywhere. In today’s world, companies left and right are competing for just 2 seconds of our time in order to sell us something or capture our details. As a business owner, we have to remember that staying focused is very important to business growth and development. In this episode, I will share some strategies that will benefit you so that you can keep your eye on the prize, which is speech therapy private practice start up and growth.


In this episode:
01:05 – Listener gratitude
01:22 – Emails, comments and Tweets
01:45 – On Location in Manly, Australia
02:07 – Thanks to SuperFastBusiness
03:38 – Wasting time and not following through
04:23 – Devices can distract us too much
04:37 – Take time for ourselves to journal and reflect
05:21 – Clean out the inbox – UNSUBSCRIBE
06:03 – Disable push notifications on devices
07:17 – We are checking and rechecking our devices 150-250 daily
08:02 – Stay focused and not wasting time
08:33 – Take 2-3 hours for yourself (remember that person?)
09:10 – Please leave some feedback on iTunes so that others will benefit
09:29 – Need help? Still looking for 2 students – email me with “The Perfect Student” in subject line

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Transcription of Episode Nine:

Everybody is fighting for our attention but the reality of this is we need to stay focused, work on ourselves and try not to be so distracted. Because distractions I believe are what can really kill the desire to start your own business.

Well, Hello everyone! You’re listening to the Speech therapy Private practice Startup Podcast; this is episode number 9. My name is Kyle Meades and am a speech and language pathologist since 1993 and these podcasts are designed to help you improve your business and your life one podcast at a time.

Hey I want to say Thank you for listening to this Podcast, its been really need to have you guy listen and without you I wouldn’t been around and I just want to say Thank you for allowing me to communicate monthly with you because it absolute pleasure to get the emails, comments, tweets and all that stuff. Its really nice to have you guys out there and I really want to help you to start your own Speech therapy Private practice and so I am trying to always improve my vibe as well get valuable information so I can pass it on you.


Right now I am recording this podcast Episode in Manly Australia. Now you might say “Hey Kyle why are you in Manly Australia?” Well its an easy answer, I am a member of SuperFastBusiness.com it’s an online community of Top Internet Marketers and Business Owners. There is an annual live event every year in Manly Beach. Manly beach is a little bit North of Sydney so you simply up on a Plane, you fly to Sydney, you get on a train, you go to the fairy, right there is a upper house, you take a 30 minute ride to Manly and boom you’re right here in the heart of Manly beach. It’s just a beautiful place. People are so wonderful here in this part of the world and it’s such an honor to be around of this Top Notch Marketers and Business owners. People of like-kind mind and just sitting there swiping ideas and information, its just a privilege. So you guys are going to getting good value out of that too because I am going to implementing some of the things I’ve learn this week here at SuperFastBusiness live event. This was the eleventh event so I just want to give James Schramko shot out for hosting a wonderful annual event. It’s just privilege and honor to be associated with James and his community.


Also I want to say Thank you for listening and all the wonderful feedback we’ve received on the Podcast and because of the feedback that we’re getting it’s allowing other people on iTunes to find the podcast easier so if you wouldn’t mind to, please give us some feedback on Apple iTunes so we can help other people to find the podcast. I want to get that out of the way and I want to talk today about – Wasting time, and its something that I think since the invention of Smartphone, I think its something that getting more and more difficult to stay present. I just want to talk about this today on this Podcast because something that is close to my heart and something we had some speakers here at the SuperFastBusiness live event talk about. So I just want to bring that to light and share with you. With our Smartphones and Apple devices and Android devices we have this things on us all the time. We bring them into our bedroom and you sitting there next to the one you Love. They are on their Smartphone and you’re on your Smartphone. Sometime we don’t even hug and kiss to the one we love good night. We’re sitting there to closing out email and shooting off texts. These Tablets and Smartphones are just such an integral part of us that we are going to forget that there is a real world out there that is not electronic. That is one of the thing that I am going to talk about today i.e. How to not waste time getting so distracted with your Smartphone, because as a Business Owner, as a Clinic owner we have to stay focused. We have to take time for ourselves to do things like Journaling, reflecting and meeting our goals so we can be successful. So I want to give few strategies and share few tips on how to minimize the distractions that are caused by all these applications, tablets and smartphones.


One of the first thing I would recommend you do if you want to seriously take back some of your time is to start cleaning out that Inbox. When I say cleaning out the Inbox, I mean start unsubscribing to everything. I mean just go in their when you get those marketing emails or if you get those coupon emails, stop and think if this going to benefit me? Am I going to act on this email? If you’re not just simply unsubscribe and delete that email and that way you can start cleaning out your inbox and gaining control.

Another thing you really want to think about doing is get rid of all those Push notification on your Smartphone and tablets. Is it really to know that your Amazon.com product was just shipped 2.5 minutes ago or that the Cat food that you ordered yesterday is in Boise, Idaho and in direct route to you and its going to arriving hopefully before 10am tomorrow? Is it really that important or can I just allow other people to their Job, do it well and I don’t need to know about it. That’s another thing that we really want to start focusing on, get rid of the push notifications, turn off all that stuff and try not to look at that phone and check it 250 times a day because on average we check our phone 150 to 250 times a day. So if you really think about it we are training ourselves to be distracted. From a marketing standpoint think about all of the companies who are just trying to get 1 or 2 seconds of our attention.


We have all this little dings, bells, whistles and lights; everybody is fighting for our attention. But the reality of this is we need to stay focused, work on ourselves and try not to be so distracted. Because distractions I believe are what can really kill the desire to start your own business. A lot of people they want to do this and they want to do that but they just don’t take 2 or 3 hours a day and plan, implement goals, Journal and do some really nice things for themselves like go get a massage, haircut, grocery shopping or take a walk. I know that sound really simple and easy but its not. It’s really difficult to stay focused and to not waste time. I am guilty of it; I sit there sometimes on my laptop at night. I’ve got my beautiful partner Stefanie, she’s to my left and she’s on her thing, and I am doing my thing. She is a business Owner too. Sometimes it’s just hard because I click this link and I am in the black Internet funnel. So we all do it but there always a solution in that. Solution is to take 2 or 3 hours per day and not check your phone, and Journal, and reflect, make a gratitude list, stay grateful. You know those are some action steps you can take to not waste time, not be distracted.
I hope this is really helpful for you. It’s something I heard a little bit of here at Super fast business live event here in Australia. I’ve got a little bit of cold too so apologize about that. It’s just the way it is, when you’re on a plane in other country, lots of people around.


I hope you found this podcast beneficial and if you did, would you please go to iTunes and I would really appreciate some 5 star feedbacks on iTunes. Also shoot a tweet out to ‘privateslp’, it would really mean a lot to me and thank you for getting in touch with me those who have emailed me already about The perfect student. I still am looking for 2 students who are willing and able to change their life. This is not a free service but all you have to do is reach out to me and we can talk about it. If it’s a good fit then absolutely I will work with you personally one-on-one. You can fly out to Tucson, Arizona. You can come out to the clinic and see how a nice, productive real clinic operates. You are more than welcome to pick my brain. The Perfect student will have direct access to me for a minimum of 6 months. You have access to my personal email or you can text me and I will do my best to help you in any way I can to improve your business and your life. I really want 2 students to shoot me an email and in the subject line say “The Perfect Student”. Shoot me an email to kyle@privateslp.com. Thank you for listening and I will talk to you soon.

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