7 Deadly Mistakes Made By New Practice Startups

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1: Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast


Welcome to the first episode of the Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast.  I am your host, Kyle Meades, CCC-SLP and in this episode I will talk about my experience as a SLP and private practice owner with two companies (home health + outpatient clinic).


In this episode:

01:10 – Overcoming fear and succeeding
01:49 – Nursing homes and the grind
02:14 – No money in speech?
02:50 – Love to help others
03:33 – Hurricane Katrina – the best thing that ever happened to me
04:15 – Soul searching
04:50 – The decision
05:25 – Moving to a new location across from Tucson Medical Center
06:00 – Home health agency
06:20 – Referrals, employees and current landscape
07:15 – Follow-through
08:18 – Providing a model for success
09:09 – SBA couldn’t assist with my startup
10:27 – Big corporate BLAH, fake culture
11:00 – Frozen pies for Christmas
12:00 – Business is great
12:28 – Helping families get the care they deserve

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  1. Ashley says

    Started podcast 1 today and you really resonate with me! Is your practice strictly adults? If so, will you provide information related to peds? Congratulations on your success!

    • Kyle Meades says

      Thanks for the comments, we see about 90 percent pediatric and 10 percent adult. Please email me directly, and I will assist.

  2. Erin Summers says

    I just happened to come across your podcast. I have been a SLP for 20 years. I have been a Director and a Regional. I recently left my job in long term care. I am at the point of leaving this career and starting something different if I don’t make a change. I have been thinking of private practice on and off for many years. Like you stated, it’s fear. Fear of failure for me. I look forward to gaining more information regarding billing and payment.

    • Kyle Meades says

      Hey Erin, I totally understand your situation. I’ve been in your shoes. At one point I wanted to flip burgers to figure things out! Holler this way anytime. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Kyle

  3. Carrie says

    Hi Kyle!
    In this episode, you mention listening to other episodes regarding how to get your first referrals and how to market your services in order to start seeing clients in the home/community. Where can I find these episodes? Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Kyle Meades says

      Hey Carrie, Keep Listening! Episode 6 is also a good one for referrals and marketing. You can also work individually with me right HERE

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